tots units fem forca BARÇA!

My opinion about Messi will never change. I have never seen a player like him, and I never will.

Pep Guardiola

Funny how Pep is the one defending Messi, more than the entire Barcelona board has all year. Never change Pep, never change.

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Salaries of National Team Coaches (according to ESPN)

“Messi is the world number 1 and the cornerstone of this team . I think that thanks to him we have won everything we have won. In my opinion we are talking about the best player in the history of the game . I know that he will be here for many years because he loves the club, the city and being here”
“It isn’t good to have fans whistling you – particularly at home. I think it is a mistake to focus on just one player . Blame it on the players, OK, but not just Cesc”.

Gerard Pique 14.04.22.

Gerard Piqué // FC Barcelona & Spain NT
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I asked by different people to write about Barça’s current situation. However I decided to make this post more like “millions of reasons why you should hate this board”. And to be honest, I don’t even know where to start. There are too many things going on with Barça right now. So I will make a…

Training session 22.4.2014

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